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Sump Pump

We’ll Take Care of Your Sump Pump Issue

Keep your basement dry with our sump pump service in the Marengo and Chicagoland, IL area. Sump pumps are a crucial addition for many homes. These hardworking machines remove water from basements and crawlspaces to prevent flooding and leaking issues. A sump pump takes in extra rainwater and diverts it into the nearest storm drain.

Many homes rely on a working sump pump to prevent damage to their home’s foundation. If you need a new sump pump, or if you need to repair your current machine, choose Draintech Sewer & Plumbing Inc.


Draintech Sewer & Plumbing repairs and installs sump pumps, sewage pumps and sewer rods. Both systems keep unwanted water from affecting and destroying your home. Call on Draintech for service, and we will:

  • Use high-quality video inspection technology to locate sewage issues
  • See if a sewage pump is needed to help with sewerage line gravity flow
  • Offer sump pumps, battery backups and other options for efficiency

Protect your home from flooding and other dangerous issues with sump and sewer pumps from Draintech Sewer & Plumbing. Call on our plumbers today for a free estimate.