Don’t Let a Clog Drain You of Your Patience

Effective drain cleaning services in the Marengo, Illinois and Chicago Metro area

Any plumber will tell you that clearing a drain is a delicate task. Some plumbers take shortcuts when clearing your drains, which only causes more problems in the long run. Don’t worry about subpar service from our team. You can trust Draintech Sewer & Plumbing Inc. to inspect the issue at hand and use the right tools to clear the way.

If you’ve done all you can to clear your drains, call us for help. We are your trusted plumbing pros for drain clearing in the Chicagoland area. We carry all the tools of the trade to handle the task right away.

Taking the right approach for your drain issue

Taking the right approach for your drain issue

Different drains in your home are clogged for different reasons. Kitchen drains are full of soap and food debris. Bathroom drains are clogged from hair, shampoo and foreign objects. Draintech Sewer & Plumbing offers a variety of drain clearing services to address different issues. Call on us for:

  • Mechanical rodding for traditional drain clearing
  • Sewer rodding for tough sewer line blockages
  • Hyrdo jetting for deep rooted clogs
So if your kitchen sink is making weird noises or you’re standing in a puddle in the shower, call Draintech Sewer & Plumbing. We have the right equipment to solve your drain issue quickly and efficiently.